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1.1.1. Players

a. Every athlete must behave with respect towards all GIRLGAMER representatives. This applies to behaviour in game and all other forms of communication.
b. The athletes shall uphold the spirit of fair play, non-violence, act professionally and obey the direction of referees.
c. Both online and offline insults or threats of any kind against other players or team representatives shall be forbidden and may result in disqualification.
d. If the athletes have an issue during a match, they may pause and contact the referee will assist them.
e. If a replay save function is available, players should save replays after the match has ended.

1.1.2. Referees

a. When conflict occurs in play, the referee of the match shall address the situation.
b. Any referee decisions that are contested will be first handled by the Jury of the event. If the players are still unhappy with the decision of the Jury, they can move to the next stage.
c. The Protest Deliberation Committee shall be formed to consider the matter. If still unhappy with the outcome of the discussions the protester may move to the next stage.
d. Any appeals or opinions against the Protest Deliberation Committee decision or an unresolved referee decision shall be handled by the GIRLGAMER Board.

1.1.3. Forbidden Behaviour

a. If a player of a team commits a misconduct or any inappropriate act in a team event, the referee may take disciplinary action against the team which can include a caution, warning, forfeit, or expulsion.
b. If a team uses any type of exploits to gain an advantage over their opponent, the team in question will lose that match.

Players using any type of cheat and/or ghosting* will be disqualified from the tournament and will receive permanent ban from joining future GIRLGAMER events.

*ghosting constitutes as a player or coach watching any stream of the match while playing in said match, even if that stream is on delay.


The official games of the GIRLGAMER Esports Festival are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends.

1.3. Requirements

a. Every team must read, understand, and agree to the rules for participation in the GIRLGAMER Challenge. Thereafter, each player is expected and required to abide by the Rules, and any failure to follow them will result in punitive measures.
b. Each player may only use her own account.
c. Each player must be women-identifying.
d. Each player must be sixteen (16) years of age or older verified by ID on registration.
e. Each team must have five (5) players present throughout the entire tournament, regardless of whether the team is currently playing, waiting to play, or otherwise occupied.
f. Each team can register a maximum of seven (7) players.
g. Each team must have one designated person, who is eighteen (18) years of age or older, responsible for distributing any cash prizing (the “Manager”). This can be the same player as the Team Captain or another person entirely.
h. Must register at and follow additional procedures.
i. Must have webcam or videocall enabled smartphone for required checks by the tournament admin
j. Each team is required to only play with members who have been registered and checked in.
k. Each recipient of tournament payments must fill out the proper tax forms to receive any earned prize money.